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Cold day water purifier how to maintenance?

Thermal insulation and anti-freezing

In principle, the water purifier installation environment is best to avoid extreme heat and extreme cold environment, choose the most appropriate environment of 5-45 ℃.

Installed in the outdoor machine:

If the installation of the lower temperature is best moved to the indoor, to avoid low temperature damage to the machine; even if the winter temperature is high in the region, you need to do a good job on the machine to keep warm, to avoid sudden changes in the weather caused by machine damage.

You can use foam, burlap, straw and other things to wrap the water purifier, it is best to install the water purifier in a place sheltered from the wind and rain, to avoid the absence of anti-freezing measures may lead to filter bottles, membrane shells and other frozen cracks occur.

Machines installed indoors:

When the temperature drops remember to close the doors and windows, take appropriate heating measures to ensure that the indoor temperature does not fall below 5 ℃.

Freeze prevention

As long as the weather is not extremely cold, it is theoretically less likely to freeze if you keep the water flowing in the water purifier.

You can keep the faucet dripping all the time, which can also be effective in preventing damage to water pipes and water purification equipment due to internal freezing.

early warning

Winter night temperature is relatively low, and water consumption is reduced, the poor fluidity of water in the water pipe, easy to cause water pipe freezing or even bursting and so on.

So it is recommended to close the water inlet valve at night, empty the water in the pipeline, can also play a certain anti-freezing effect.

If the home water purifier is inadvertently frozen, it must be remembered not to pour hot water or boiling water on it to thaw, and can not be forced to start the machine, these moves will cause damage to the machine.

Correct practice:

  • Place the machine in a warmer room to thaw naturally;
  • Wait for 48 hours after thawing, and then turn on the machine again
  • After the machine is turned on, check whether the equipment and water pipes will leak due to pre-freezing;
  • If water leakage occurs, contact professional after-sales service in time.

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