Softened Water Makes Life Better

Professional Household. Water Softening System

Beauty value, Aesthetic Value

Take care of skin and hair. Energy saving, Environmental Protection, Soft and clean.

Four Advantages Water Softener System

Used for: family, hotel, villa, beauty salon, business office building

  •     Integrated desig
  •     Regenerationof resin
  •     Countercurrent regeneration technology
  •     Fully automatichigh-tech

All-in-one design more space saving

Carefully lay out every detail, dust-proof and sun-proof, easy to use

Filter element regeneration-ion exchange technology

Using food-grade cation exchange resin as a carrier to efficiently remove magnesium ions in water, reduce hardness, reduce scale and soften water quality.

Save salt and save water Countercurrent regeneration technology

①Good water quality; ②Salt province;  ③ Save water; ④Save time.

Scenes to be used


Product Parameter

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Dimensions 48.5 × 31.6 × 107 cm

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