Three huge key selling points

Revealing the secrets of a clean life

Safety material ABS food grade plastic.

Direct drinking 0.01 micron filtration.

Ultra light andportable 80g (Include in theplastic bag).

Adopting the hollow fiber membrane

The water purification straw adopts innovative waterfiltration technology, made with 0.01 micron precision filtration, and can be directly drinking after filtration.

TIPS: Can replace the filter element, take it off and flush to cleancan prolong the service life!

Humanized design Easy to filter

Product Data

Product name: Pressurized pure water straw
Filtration precision: 0.01 micron
Product weight: 80g (Include in plastic bag)
Total purifying water volume: 1000L
Applicable water source: Chemical-free fresh water
Colors: Deep blue+White Deep blue+Light blue
Product material: ABS Food grade plastic+
Hollow fiber Ultrafiltration membrane
Applicable environment: Outdoor survive, travelingadvanture, comping, marching operations ectoptional water purifier when in the natural disaster.

Product shots

Outdoor essentials, survival guarantee

Using Method

01 Direct water absorption

Insert the water purification straw intothe water 5 cm, at first exhaust the airinside the water purifier and gentlyabsorb water. Because there are alot of bubbles, it is recommended tospit out the water before drinking.

02 Connect the water bottle

Water purifier bottom straw thread, the water purification straw has athreaded interface at the base position, which can be connected with ordinaryplastic bottles to squeeze and filter.

03 Pressurized filtering

The user can unscrew the main bodyof the pressurized water purificationstraw when it is difficult to absorb water, hold the main body of the filter elementwith one hand, and pull the main bodyup and down with the other hand toeasily filter under pressure.

04 Connect the water bag

Connect the hose (self-prepared) to thewater inlet at the bottom of the water purification straw, and connect the otherend to the water bag (self-prepared).

Product Packaging Photo

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