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Water purifier effluent smell?

Water purifier effluent smell? Recently, I collected some users in the use of water purifiers often encountered some problems, and give the corresponding solutions, so that we can view the problem in time.

A lot of partners in the background feedback that their own water purifier water odor, what is the reason for this?

Some just bought a water purifier, some have been used for a period of time, and some have obviously just changed the filter, why is there still this situation?

Don’t worry, I’ll help you solve the problem!

Cause one
New machine or new cartridge

If your home water purifier is just installed, or just change the cartridge after the odor, water discharge and some white floating material, do not worry this is not the machine is broken!

This situation is likely to be due to the cartridge in the protective fluid has not been rinsed clean caused by (protective fluid is generally factory in order to protect the permeability of the cartridge on the surface of the cartridge coated with a layer of liquid, are food-grade harmless to the body), so the water just out of the water there may be some odor and white foreign matter, is a normal phenomenon.

Usually we just installed the machine or a new replacement of the cartridge need to carry out water flushing, if your home water purifier is with a bucket, you need to drain off a few buckets of water, not with a bucket of water purifier can be directly released 3-5 minutes, generally can be rinsed clean!

Reason two
Water purifier cartridge life expiration

In addition to new cartridges that have just been replaced, this problem can also occur with cartridges that have been used for too long.

Because the cartridge has a period of use, the cartridge in addition to filtering debris, but also adsorption of foreign colors and odors. Different cartridges in the water purifier play a different role in the work, the length of life is also different.

In all the cartridges, activated carbon cartridge is responsible for the adsorption of foreign colors and odors, when its service life expires its adsorption capacity will also decline, this situation will occur.


Replace the expired cartridge in time, and after the replacement, the problem of odor in the water can be easily solved.

flanne machines are usually equipped with a filter replacement reminder function, so you only need to replace the corresponding filter cartridge according to the machine’s reminder in time.

Reason three
The cartridge has not been rinsed for a long time

Water purifier in the process of filtering impurities will also have some impurities adsorbed on the surface of the cartridge, which will affect the filtering effect of the cartridge.

In addition, due to the summer heat, these impurities adsorbed on the cartridge bacteria will reproduce and fermentation, which will also lead to the problem of odor in the water.


It is best to rinse the water purifier regularly, especially in summer when the weather is so hot. It is best to rinse the water purifier once a day to reduce the impurities adsorbed on the surface of the filter cartridge.

flanne water purifiers are usually equipped with an automatic flushing function, which can be carried out automatically, so that every glass of water is healthy and clean, to ensure the safety of water for everyone!

Reason four
The machine has not been used for a long time

If your water purifier has not been used for a long time and is not flushed on time, or if you return home after being away for a while and find that the water has an odor, it is probably due to the deterioration of the water that was left in the water purifier before.


Restart the machine and turn on the flushing function to carry out a thorough and meticulous rinsing of the inside of the machine, discharging the stagnant water left inside the water purifier.

If the above problems are not restored after elimination, then it may be the machine itself has a quality problem, this time it is not recommended to self-check, it is best to contact a professional after-sales personnel to check.

There are many types of water purifiers on the market at present, we should pay attention to screening when buying, and select the big brand quality assurance products.

Also remember to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance of the water purifier, so as to ensure the filtering effect of the water purifier, to ensure healthy water quality!


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